While going through my archive of photos from 2013 up to this point, I found some old portraits of Roxie, who belongs to my former boss. She wanted some photos of Roxie (at that time she was a young cat) and I needed a long-haired feline for my portfolio, so it was perfect timing. ♡ These are some of my favourite pics.

These photos were taken on location, next to a balcony to create a nice flow of natural light. Very little post-processing was done before the photos were delivered to my boss. It wasn’t an easy task to take pictures of a young and energetic maine coon, but I think that with my boss assisting by getting Roxie’s attention I managed to capture some sweet shots.

Going through all these pet photographs, I really want to get working with pet portraits again as soon as I’ve settled in Liverpool. ♡

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Concert photography – Depeche Mode, Gothenburg 2013

I haven’t been doing as much packing as I should have.
I blame me having a cold on that, as well as getting distracted – I found an old external harddrive, full of photos that I took some years ago. ♡
My friend Eva and I went to Gothenburg in 2013 and I was assigned to shoot some photos of Depeche Mode. Due to not being bound by a restrictive photo contract, I could freely use my photos in my own portfolio. Back in the day I was using a Canon EOS 7D, which I thought was great for concert photography, but not so great when it came to the ISO setting. I edited the pics as soon as I got back to Linköping. However, I didn’t think that I actually had the RAW files still, until I found them today. I decided to re-edit the pics, making most of them in b/w because I love black and white photography (that and the lighting was tricky, so making it all b/w makes it easier, haha).

Please note: this post is super image heavy!

Click on ‘Continue reading’ to see all of the photos. ❤

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The breakfast food I’ll be missing the most.

Well, I’m home from work today.
And it’s making me restless, bored out of my mind, etc. Many feels, such little productivity. Also, losing money due to being ill is not optimal at a time when I’m moving between countries. I’m not looking forward to seeing what my paychecks for March and April will look like, seeing how I’ve been ill quite a lot during the winter months. I don’t tend to be ill a lot, but this time around it’s been different. Hopefully this won’t affect the review that my boss is writing for me before I leave. Angst. Errm, I’m cool about all of this.

As I was making breakfast today, I realized that I’m going to be missing two of my favourite breakfast food, because they’re typically Swedish and I can’t seem to be able to find them anywhere in the U.K. Sorry, don’t have a money tree growing at home, so I’m not really going to buy Swedish style bread from a Swedish online shop for the ridicilous amount of 40+ SEK when I can find the same thing at ICA for 16 SEK up to 24 SEK. I’m aware of the fact about being a reseller and making money off of items (I used to run a clothing store online, so I know what it’s all about) – still doesn’t change my point of view.

Honestly, I love almost everything that Paulúns has ever made.
Okay, maybe not their blueberry porridge because it really didn’t agree with my tastebuds. But this one to the right on the photo, that one’s brilliant. It keeps me full for a long time, almost doesn’t taste anything of sugar (because they haven’t added any other than the natural sugar that’s already in the stuff that they’ve used to create the mix), and it’s gluten free. Like, hello, jackpot! Been trying to find a reseller and I got the number to a woman who apparently sells it in the U.K. But yeah, not going to be calling a Swedish cellphone number, from a U.K. number while I’m in the U.K., just to buy some cereal. It’s too much effort and I like putting a lot of effort into my work, but not my food. #lazygal

As for the picture to the left, that’s Swedish knäckebröd. Mmm, how I love knäckebröd. It’s healthier than soft bread and keeps me full for longer. I’m sure there’s some equivalent to it in the U.K. We have many variations of knäckebröd in Sweden and I enjoy trying new things every now and then, just to feel that I’m not eating the same thing for breakfast. Also, Wasa is like, the best manufacturer of knäckebröd. For real. Swedish knäckebröd FTW.

I’m trying to keep my spirits up by listening to music on YouTube. The soundtrack at the moment is SHINee with this song, because it makes me happy and it’s from one of my favourite K-dramas, ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I feel that it’s time for one more cup of tea!

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Downtown Sunday.

There’s so much packing left to do and less than 2 weeks before my move!
I’m absolutely exhausted today, probably because I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. Luckily the weather’s nice and the sun’s out, so after I did some shopping (packaging tape and garbage bags, such excitement) I took a stroll downtown and documented Malmö with my camera.

Shock‘ happens to be one of my favourite stores.

And there’s a statue of a hare right outside of the shop. It’s kind of cute, but J and I call rabbits and the like for ‘booplesnoot’ after we saw a meme online, and the first time that I visited him I got him a mini booplesnoot (a plushie).

The sci-fi bookstore is one of my favourite places to get some geeky things, such as my pop vinyl figures. I’ve also bought some manga here, and a Totoro lunch box carrier bag.

Spring has arrived in Malmö, although we still have minus degrees during the nights.

Ugh, I really should get some more packing done. Soon it’s time to move! It’s crazy, but very exciting at the same time. ♡

It would do my camera good to be looked at, maybe get some dust out of it. J helped me find a good repair shop in Liverpool and then he linked me to their page with courses. They have some really good workshops! I’m thinking about taking their citywalk photography course in May to really get a good feel for the city and maybe learn some new angles and tricks.

Right, packing it was. Need to clean out the storage room.

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Productive day.

Today I went and dyed my hair again at my favourite salon.
Due to me having red ombre hair for an entire year, the red pigments decided to come out (even though I thought they were washed out) when I had put the highlights in a few days ago. We decided to dye my hair slightly darker, thus covering up the highlights but they will once again show once I’ve washed my hair a few times. The red is still visible, which quite frankly annoys me, but my hair dresser did do an amazing job and she covered up almost all the red ‘patches’. I guess I’m the one who really sees the red. Sigh, I feel bad for J who had to sit and listen to me complaining about that one time that I decided to dye my hair red ombre…

My hair dresser told me to get a hair mask, so I went to Lyko downtown and got one (it’s so nice to actually be able to go and buy products downtown without having to buy them online, unlike when I lived in Linköping – I lived so far away from any shops and most of the shops that I buy things from aren’t even available there). I’ve used Macadamia’s products before, so I’ve got high hopes that this will work on my dry hair.

I came home and decided to listen to some music while cleaning up and packing the boxes that I’ll be sending to my parents. My choice fell on KAT-TUN, one of my favourite J-pop band. Sadly my dream of seeing them live got crushed as they decided to go on hiatus a while ago (and some of the members left Johnny’s entertainment). As I was going through my stuff in one of my wardrobes, I found my treasures. All these I bought in Tokyo at different occasions. It irks me that I don’t own a single first print/limited edition, but these will have to do for now.

My favourite live show so far is ‘Queen of Pirates’. They’ve got such amazing tunes going on, T∀BOO and Six Senses being two of my absolute favourites! I adore Kamenashi, seriously.

Another K-pop/K-rock band that I desperately need to get some albums and live shows of is ICON/MINUE (No Min-woo; he also happens to be my favourite K-drama actor), but his stuff sells out so fast. All them fangirls buying everything and us fans overseas get nothing. I feel that a trip to South Korea is needed in order to get his stuff. One of my dreams is to meet him in person one day, and to get a photo pass for one of his live shows and shoot some proper concert pics from the pit. Just thinking about this makes my heart skip a beat!

True story: MINUE actually clicked ‘like’ on one of my Instagram posts before I made my account private, and that’s a huge deal considering that he only tends to pay attention to his Korean and Japanese fans! I remember screaming and giggling like a 14-year old schoolgirl when I saw @icon_stagram‘s name pop up in my notifications. Lovelovelove.

While I was cleaning, I found these mini towels that I bought at Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka when I went there in 2014.

Honestly, these are so cute.
In fact, they are so cute that I don’t know what to use them for, because I don’t want to ruin them. It’s not like I can go back to the same location and just buy new ones (it’s a long trip between Sweden/U.K. and Japan, haha).

So, it seems that I completely forgot about my cup of tea that is sitting and waiting for me in the kitchen.

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Link, the former shelter cat.

Ugh, getting up early on a Saturday morning to do the laundry. Not cool.
In Sweden most people have a washhouse where they book a time on a board to do their laundry on a specific day. Here it’s very common to do it on Saturday mornings – for some reason this seems to be the preferred time and neighbours even have a tug of war about who gets the best laundry time. I’ve had neighbours ‘stealing’ my time at several occasions, and then we have the classic one where people simply don’t clean up and let whoever is using the washhouse after them to deal with their mess. Sigh. I really cannot wait to move to the U.K. and use J’s laundry machine that he has in the kitchen. No tumble dryer, but I can live with that. This basically means that I can do the laundry whenever I want, I get to sleep in the mornings and I don’t have to deal with other people’s mess. Win!

Yesterday I had a bit of a nostalgia moment.
I was going through some old photos and came across one of Link, a cat that I photographed a few years ago for a cat rescue in Norrköping.

I remember getting a lot of good photos of him and him getting adopted within a few days after the rescue posted his photos on their Facebook page.
A lot of people ask me how I get the animals that I take photos of to sit still and how I get them to pose. With dogs it’s quite easy – by using treats and their favourite toys, you can get them to sit down, tilt their head to the side and make them lift their ears up slightly so that they look cute, yet attentive (squeaky toys are great for this). Cats, and especially the shy ones, are much harder to work with – they require a lot more time to get them to trust you enough to get a good photo of them and any sudden movements or sounds, even from the shutter, could potentially make them run away and then you’re back to square one again.

In Link’s case, he was a prime example of a cute and cuddly rescue cat that his previous owners couldn’t take care of for whatever reason. He was interested in me and my camera, the latter which I let him smell so that he would get used to it, then I simply spent half an hour or an hour playing with him and getting some good shots in. ♡

When shooting pet portraits, I would advice to use natural light and not to use the built in flash on the camera, if you have one. I’ve seen examples of pet photographers who use an external flash, along with a few other tools, to get some impressive outdoor photos of their client’s pets.

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Visiting Linköping.

This past weekend J and I visited my family in Linköping, Östergötland.
There was a snow storm and the train trip to Linköping was an absolute disaster, but after about 4½ hours we got to the city.
I took this opportunity to take some photos of Metalica, who was being a really good girl and didn’t bark at J at all and even allowed him to pet her.

It was really bad lighting in my Dad’s apartment so the quality of these photos is terrible (ISO 2500, anyone?), but I’m still pleased that I got some new photos of my favourite girl. ♡

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My last two weeks in Malmö, and a new beginning.

This blog is a new beginning for me.
Last time that I was actively blogging I was still on a Swedish blogging portal and I had just moved to Malmö from Linköping, my hometown. I felt that I couldn’t write what I wanted to write there and I just couldn’t find the motivation to be creative anymore. A lot of things had changed in my life and I hadn’t touched my camera for a long time due to personal reasons.

Then, about a month ago, someone lit that spark for me again.
It was a tiny, flickering one which was teasing the creative part of my soul. A few weeks ago I grabbed my trusty Canon EOS 5D Mk III (we have been through a lot of weddings and rainy concerts together) and ventured out in Malmö to do something about it.

Malmö is a beautiful city. Despite everything that media writes about it and all the bad things that are happening here, I don’t think that it’s the ‘hell hole’ that media is trying to portray. It’s a city full of life, friendly faces of all nationalities and an atmosphere that I’ve never experienced during all my years growing up in Linköping.

I have a complicated relationship with Malmö.
On one hand it’s the best place on earth, where I have some of my closest friends, my apartment is close to the ‘Triangeln’ shopping center and the train station with directly takes me to Copenhagen airport within roughly 19 minutes or less and it has some of the best sushi. On the other hand it’s a city that’s tainted with some rather crappy experiences that I would rather not have.

However, in about two weeks my relationship with Malmö is ending! A couple of years ago I met this truly amazing person (that I’ll be referring to as J) in an online game. We became really good friends and we used to sit and talk late at night while gaming together or with other friends. A few months into the friendship I knew that I had fallen for him in a way that I had not experienced before, but due to personal reasons we couldn’t develop our friendship into anything else. I stopped talking to him for quite some time while trying to put the pieces of the puzzle to my life together, but I simply couldn’t stop thinking about him. And so, last year we finally met in Wales, and it was as if we never stopped talking.

Fast forwarding to this day: in about two weeks from now I’ll be moving to the U.K. and I’ll be living together with J! I’m super excited about this new chapter in my life and I really can’t wait to take my photography to a different level and explore new things. In Sweden I used to run my own business as a freelance photographer, and I’m looking forward to doing the same in the U.K., but with less focus on weddings and more focus on concerts and pet portraits.

Now I’m actually going to get ready for bed.
I’ve been spending the past week with J who was visiting me and today he left for the U.K. There has been a lot of cleaning and packing bags these past few days and I’m absolutely knackered. Tomorrow I’ll try to edit the photos that I took of my dog Metalica while J and I were visiting my parents in Linköping. Also, tomorrow it’s back to work at the migration agency again, so best I get some beauty sleep.

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