Ghost member revealed: Omega’s true identity.

So, I seem to have totally missed this when it hit the news, but I finally found out about it.
A little while ago it was revealed that one of Ghost’s members, Omega, has made a video where he tells the world who he is, that he is no longer part of Ghost, and that the old band, Magna Carta Cartel (MCC), from which Ghost then later rose is active once again.
Wow. I don’t know how to process this information. I’ve been reading articles which state that the only original member left in Ghost is Papa. Really, though? I know they are out touring soon (I wish I could see them in Manchester after I’ve moved, but don’t really fancy going to the area were the venue is) but to me, it feels odd if all the original members but one have departed from the band.

Ghost comes from Linköping, which happens to be my hometown. I’ve had the priviledge of taking photos of them at two different occasions, once at the nightclub DOOM in Linköping where Papa Emeritus II handed the role as the lead singer over to Papa Emeritus III, and one time in Gothenburg at Lisebergshallen.

Here’s some of the photos from Gothenburg. Some of these were published in several news articles in a local newspaper (Linköping). For more photos (and more high quality ones), please head over to my special Flickr gallery dedicated to this particular concert. ❤ There are also some photos from DOOM if you scroll down on this page. I really do love the fact that I managed to get eye contact with Papa (and he was also caressing my lens at one point, but sadly I couldn’t get a very clear photo of it)!

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Concert photography – Depeche Mode, Gothenburg 2013

I haven’t been doing as much packing as I should have.
I blame me having a cold on that, as well as getting distracted – I found an old external harddrive, full of photos that I took some years ago. ♡
My friend Eva and I went to Gothenburg in 2013 and I was assigned to shoot some photos of Depeche Mode. Due to not being bound by a restrictive photo contract, I could freely use my photos in my own portfolio. Back in the day I was using a Canon EOS 7D, which I thought was great for concert photography, but not so great when it came to the ISO setting. I edited the pics as soon as I got back to Linköping. However, I didn’t think that I actually had the RAW files still, until I found them today. I decided to re-edit the pics, making most of them in b/w because I love black and white photography (that and the lighting was tricky, so making it all b/w makes it easier, haha).

Please note: this post is super image heavy!

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