Purrfect Photo(shoot): Pinot.

Yesterday I had a 30 minute photoshoot session with Pinot and her owner. The photos are still being edited, but here is a preview of one of them. ♡

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  1. Hi Shora, WOW! Your pictures are gorgeous !! Your (nature gift) hehehe
    We miss you a lot. Did you know that Hugo could not be left here at work? Many have to go and all employees they can not let go circling in other departments. We think of you and hope that the job will work, it usually does. Big hugs from us Elin and Susanne

    1. Hey girls!
      So glad to hear from you! How’s life at Miggan? 😉 And how are you both doing? I miss you and I was thinking about you two the other day!

      I quit my job due to personal circumstances (mainly family related) and went back to Sweden for a while to be with them, and then came back to the U.K. again. AS you can see, I’ve picked up photography again, and I’m really enjoying it! I do have to go back to Sweden again soon due to some circumstances which I hope will work out for the best.

      Oh no! Did Hugo lose his job then, or is he in another department? He really liked the department! I think that if I had been there at the work place, maybe the same thing would have happened to me too.

      Soon Friday, yay. 🙂 This weekend we’re planning on painting one of our walls, it will be fun, haha… Big hugs!

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