A sunny day in Sefton Park.

Yesterday we had a beautiful, sunny day
here in Liverpool and I decided to take advantage of the warmth. In fact, it was such nice weather that I could actually wear my tights and shorts instead of my jeans! I loved it.
There were many people out in the park, and lots of cute dogs. I saw many (gray) squirrels, but sadly I didn’t take my 70-200 mm lens with me, and thus I couldn’t get any close-up shots of them. One of the squirrels was super curious and was waiting for me to feed it, so I’m thinking that I’ll bribe them with tasty treats next time I go to the park again.

Today I was reached by the news that at 05:28 in the morning, local Swedish time, my best friend Mariam and and her husband Wiggo became parents to my godson Emric! ♡ I’ve seen some photos of him and he’s absolutely adorable. ♡ I’ve bought sooo many clothes for him that I’m shipping to their home on Gotland.

I’ve spent most of today cleaning in the kitchen and taking care of J, as he’s having the flu. Poor guy. ♡

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  1. Hey girl! We miss you so much! and fallow your baby steps over there hehehe
    We love your photos, more plzzzzzzz

    We are so happy for you, that did this for you and J, it sounds Lovely and enjoy every single moment together.

    Warm hugs your former colleagues
    the Asees

    1. Hey, girls! So nice to hear from you!
      I miss you two so much! <3 I have changed my Swedish number to an English one, this is why I haven't been able to keep in touch with you over texts!

      Will try to email you both sometime this weekend. 🙂 Expect more photos soon! Is everything well at 'Miggan'?

      Big hugs x

  2. Sweety! Yes Everything all right here on Miggan hehe
    The nasty old lady retires June 13 hehehe sooo good 🙂 especially for Ana her closest colleague.
    We enjoy spring, you too it seems.
    Big big hugs from your friends forever
    Elin and Susanne

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