Premiere: Beauty and The Beast (2017).

Movie premiere night!
Tonight I watched ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at Royal. My movie started at 17:00, and my best friend Mariam went to the premiere in Visby, Gotland, at 18:00. We haven’t caught up chatting about it yet, because she’s still watching it as I’m writing this entry.

So, before I start doing my usual rambling, please know that I haven’t had any alcohol. I don’t drink. I might have had way too much chocolate for my own good though, but that’s not the point. The point is that I’m going to write one of my shameless and absolutely rambly entries, something that I’m known for among my family and friends (not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing).

Ahem. To spare those that don’t want to read about how Gaston (Luke Evans) awakened my inner fangirl, how the Beast’s solo made me burst into tears, how I got a girl crush on Belle and so on, all you need to know is that the movie is absolutely brilliant. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. But the movie delivered and so much more and it made me experience such intense emotions all at the same time. In fact, I called J right after the movie had ended as I was going home and started fangirling about it, when in reality I just wanted to tell him how much I love him and how I need to go and hug him, but damnit, Malmö is far away from Liverpool. However, I decided to calm myself down (or maybe it was because my face was freezing because of the wind) and such comments will have to wait for later.

Click on ‘Continue reading’ to if you want to read my very fangirly review. ❤
Please note: I use strong language in this entry… and I try not to write any spoilers!

Okay, so the movie starts off nicely. There’s singing and dancing, you see Dan Stevens as he’s putting makeup on, but you don’t actually see his face without it (so when they talk about the beautiful prince, you don’t know how hot he actually is, believe me when I say it). Things happen, lots of drama, he becomes the Beast, then you see Belle as she’s singing and walking down some stairs in the village that she’s living in. At this point I had to run to the bathroom because hey, why not, even though I went twice before the movie started. Also, got an instant girl crush on Emma (sorry, Michelle Rodriguez).

As I got back from the bathroom, my gaze fell on Gaston.
Holy sweet mother of all the hunks in the world. That fine, manly chest and that chiseled face. Honestly, my lady bits pretty much imploded right on the spot, but I had to walk over to my seat and actually sit my ass down. Do you know how much effort it took me to walk over there while hiding the fact that I was flustered af? Also, why did he have to tease me with that ruffled shirt that showed off some of his chest? Why would he do this to all the women of the world? Okay, so Gaston the character is a douche but seriously? I’m okay with looking at that chest. Like, if he was to put it right in front of my face that would be okay. I mean, the character could potentially do it because he is a tease to women and being a bit douchey he would then show off in such a way. I guess I’d have to put up with it. For scientific purposes, of course.

Then we have the Beast and like, is it wrong that I felt more attracted to him when he was the Beast rather than his human form? I don’t even know myself anymore. I kept looking at his eyes and his lips and going: “Yes, I’m okay with this”. And them horns, like seriously? I don’t know but I felt instant attraction to the horns and his fangs (I do love vampires, so my love for fangs stems from there, I suppose). The horns really did it for me. I was struggling with my conflicted emotions but then I just accepted the fact and enjoyed the movie for the brillant, awesome, fantastic piece of art it is. Also, I’m not sure how many times my lady bits took over my mind during the movie.

The soundtrack of the movie was just wow, amazing. Especially the Beast’s solo that basically made me burst into tears more than anything else did in the movie (I cried like a baby several times).

SPOILER ALERT (in case someone haven’t actually seen the original Disney movie): at the end of the movie when the Beast turns into a human, like holy fuck. As he turns around and reveals himself and the camera zooms and you see his blue eyes and the golden hair and I had to bite my lower lip not to scream out loud. Like, holy crap, seriously, why would you do this to me? Why would you do this to any woman on planet Earth? Then him and Belle kiss and I’m like, fuck, I’m a brunette and I like to think of myself as cute, and I used to sing professionally, I could have been Belle. #jelly

So yeah, this movie gets a 10/10 from me, for real. I need this movie on blue-ray when it comes out. For scientific purposes.

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