Memories from a Swedish dog park.

Good evening! More photos from a couple of years ago.
The first photo, which is of a shar pei mixed breed, is my dog Metalica who is currently staying with my Mum in Linköping. We had a few good experiences in the dog park, but some dog owners were irresponsible and let their pets bully others, especially if their own dog wasn’t fixed. I decided to stop taking her to the fully fenced parks after an American Akita tried to spray her at one point to show his dominance and a young but much larger male dog wouldn’t leave Metalica alone and I had to go between them (Metalica’s fixed) due to the other owner just sitting there. Ugh, people need to be kind to their dogs, but also show some leadership.

The dog below is Amber, she belongs to a friend of mine. Both Amber and Metalica were adopted from Spain, but different shelters. I believe that she’s a mixed breed of podenco.

I’m absolutely in love with the post-processing of these photos. ♡ Seeing these really makes me want to take my camera with me to the closest park in Liverpool and take photos of dogs!

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