Concert photography – Depeche Mode, Gothenburg 2013

I haven’t been doing as much packing as I should have.
I blame me having a cold on that, as well as getting distracted – I found an old external harddrive, full of photos that I took some years ago. ♡
My friend Eva and I went to Gothenburg in 2013 and I was assigned to shoot some photos of Depeche Mode. Due to not being bound by a restrictive photo contract, I could freely use my photos in my own portfolio. Back in the day I was using a Canon EOS 7D, which I thought was great for concert photography, but not so great when it came to the ISO setting. I edited the pics as soon as I got back to Linköping. However, I didn’t think that I actually had the RAW files still, until I found them today. I decided to re-edit the pics, making most of them in b/w because I love black and white photography (that and the lighting was tricky, so making it all b/w makes it easier, haha).

Please note: this post is super image heavy!

Click on ‘Continue reading’ to see all of the photos. ❤

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