The breakfast food I’ll be missing the most.

Well, I’m home from work today.
And it’s making me restless, bored out of my mind, etc. Many feels, such little productivity. Also, losing money due to being ill is not optimal at a time when I’m moving between countries. I’m not looking forward to seeing what my paychecks for March and April will look like, seeing how I’ve been ill quite a lot during the winter months. I don’t tend to be ill a lot, but this time around it’s been different. Hopefully this won’t affect the review that my boss is writing for me before I leave. Angst. Errm, I’m cool about all of this.

As I was making breakfast today, I realized that I’m going to be missing two of my favourite breakfast food, because they’re typically Swedish and I can’t seem to be able to find them anywhere in the U.K. Sorry, don’t have a money tree growing at home, so I’m not really going to buy Swedish style bread from a Swedish online shop for the ridicilous amount of 40+ SEK when I can find the same thing at ICA for 16 SEK up to 24 SEK. I’m aware of the fact about being a reseller and making money off of items (I used to run a clothing store online, so I know what it’s all about) – still doesn’t change my point of view.

Honestly, I love almost everything that Paulúns has ever made.
Okay, maybe not their blueberry porridge because it really didn’t agree with my tastebuds. But this one to the right on the photo, that one’s brilliant. It keeps me full for a long time, almost doesn’t taste anything of sugar (because they haven’t added any other than the natural sugar that’s already in the stuff that they’ve used to create the mix), and it’s gluten free. Like, hello, jackpot! Been trying to find a reseller and I got the number to a woman who apparently sells it in the U.K. But yeah, not going to be calling a Swedish cellphone number, from a U.K. number while I’m in the U.K., just to buy some cereal. It’s too much effort and I like putting a lot of effort into my work, but not my food. #lazygal

As for the picture to the left, that’s Swedish knäckebröd. Mmm, how I love knäckebröd. It’s healthier than soft bread and keeps me full for longer. I’m sure there’s some equivalent to it in the U.K. We have many variations of knäckebröd in Sweden and I enjoy trying new things every now and then, just to feel that I’m not eating the same thing for breakfast. Also, Wasa is like, the best manufacturer of knäckebröd. For real. Swedish knäckebröd FTW.

I’m trying to keep my spirits up by listening to music on YouTube. The soundtrack at the moment is SHINee with this song, because it makes me happy and it’s from one of my favourite K-dramas, ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I feel that it’s time for one more cup of tea!

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