Downtown Sunday.

There’s so much packing left to do and less than 2 weeks before my move!
I’m absolutely exhausted today, probably because I haven’t been sleeping very well lately. Luckily the weather’s nice and the sun’s out, so after I did some shopping (packaging tape and garbage bags, such excitement) I took a stroll downtown and documented Malmö with my camera.

Shock‘ happens to be one of my favourite stores.

And there’s a statue of a hare right outside of the shop. It’s kind of cute, but J and I call rabbits and the like for ‘booplesnoot’ after we saw a meme online, and the first time that I visited him I got him a mini booplesnoot (a plushie).

The sci-fi bookstore is one of my favourite places to get some geeky things, such as my pop vinyl figures. I’ve also bought some manga here, and a Totoro lunch box carrier bag.

Spring has arrived in Malmö, although we still have minus degrees during the nights.

Ugh, I really should get some more packing done. Soon it’s time to move! It’s crazy, but very exciting at the same time. ♡

It would do my camera good to be looked at, maybe get some dust out of it. J helped me find a good repair shop in Liverpool and then he linked me to their page with courses. They have some really good workshops! I’m thinking about taking their citywalk photography course in May to really get a good feel for the city and maybe learn some new angles and tricks.

Right, packing it was. Need to clean out the storage room.

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