Productive day.

Today I went and dyed my hair again at my favourite salon.
Due to me having red ombre hair for an entire year, the red pigments decided to come out (even though I thought they were washed out) when I had put the highlights in a few days ago. We decided to dye my hair slightly darker, thus covering up the highlights but they will once again show once I’ve washed my hair a few times. The red is still visible, which quite frankly annoys me, but my hair dresser did do an amazing job and she covered up almost all the red ‘patches’. I guess I’m the one who really sees the red. Sigh, I feel bad for J who had to sit and listen to me complaining about that one time that I decided to dye my hair red ombre…

My hair dresser told me to get a hair mask, so I went to Lyko downtown and got one (it’s so nice to actually be able to go and buy products downtown without having to buy them online, unlike when I lived in Linköping – I lived so far away from any shops and most of the shops that I buy things from aren’t even available there). I’ve used Macadamia’s products before, so I’ve got high hopes that this will work on my dry hair.

I came home and decided to listen to some music while cleaning up and packing the boxes that I’ll be sending to my parents. My choice fell on KAT-TUN, one of my favourite J-pop band. Sadly my dream of seeing them live got crushed as they decided to go on hiatus a while ago (and some of the members left Johnny’s entertainment). As I was going through my stuff in one of my wardrobes, I found my treasures. All these I bought in Tokyo at different occasions. It irks me that I don’t own a single first print/limited edition, but these will have to do for now.

My favourite live show so far is ‘Queen of Pirates’. They’ve got such amazing tunes going on, T∀BOO and Six Senses being two of my absolute favourites! I adore Kamenashi, seriously.

Another K-pop/K-rock band that I desperately need to get some albums and live shows of is ICON/MINUE (No Min-woo; he also happens to be my favourite K-drama actor), but his stuff sells out so fast. All them fangirls buying everything and us fans overseas get nothing. I feel that a trip to South Korea is needed in order to get his stuff. One of my dreams is to meet him in person one day, and to get a photo pass for one of his live shows and shoot some proper concert pics from the pit. Just thinking about this makes my heart skip a beat!

True story: MINUE actually clicked ‘like’ on one of my Instagram posts before I made my account private, and that’s a huge deal considering that he only tends to pay attention to his Korean and Japanese fans! I remember screaming and giggling like a 14-year old schoolgirl when I saw @icon_stagram‘s name pop up in my notifications. Lovelovelove.

While I was cleaning, I found these mini towels that I bought at Studio Ghibli Museum in Mitaka when I went there in 2014.

Honestly, these are so cute.
In fact, they are so cute that I don’t know what to use them for, because I don’t want to ruin them. It’s not like I can go back to the same location and just buy new ones (it’s a long trip between Sweden/U.K. and Japan, haha).

So, it seems that I completely forgot about my cup of tea that is sitting and waiting for me in the kitchen.

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