In Liverpool!

Good morning!
I still haven’t quite gotten used to the one hour time zone difference between Sweden and England, haha. It’s taking time to adjust to everything – it all feels very new to me. It’s like I’m taking baby steps when it comes to the easiest tasks such as paying for stuff in the shops, but I’m sure it’ll change soon. I’m too used to the Swedish language and talking like one does in Sweden (which means everything has to be ‘lagom’).

J came over to Malmö on Friday last week and helped me do the last bit of packing. With ‘last bit’ what I really mean is putting my entire life in 3 suitcases and 1 specially designed cardboard box with an attached plastic blue IKEA bag as handles in order to be able to put my PC case on hold at the airport on Saturday. Also, I’ve never seen anyone pack bags and suitcases like J does! I was very impressed. ♡

We celebrated my move with tasty food and champagne on the 25th and watched some episodes of ‘Modern Family’ on SKY. On Sunday we did some shopping in Liverpool and I bought some stuff from The Body Shop, and two pairs of jeans from NEXT. Sadly, the jeans didn’t fit too well (I tried on the regular fit, then switched to the petite ones which I assumed had the same size around the waist even though the legs were shorter) so I’ll go and exchange the grey pair as soon as possible – can’t change the black one as I already used it. I’m considering sending it to my Mum so that they get used instead of collecting dust. ♡

During the weekend we had some really amazing weather! The sun was out and we could wear our new Spring jackets. J was rocking his sunglasses. ♡ I do regret that I didn’t take my camera out, but in all honesty I was too exhausted from 2 weeks of cleaning and throwing things out back in Malmö, then 2 days of almost non-stop cleaning before my landlord came over for an inspection and then emptying the apartment and yet another inspection on the 25th a few hours before our flight.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a girl who has two Staffordshire bullterriers that she needs a dog sitter for in about two weeks. We agreed that if all goes as planned I’ll be looking after one of the dogs, and we went out for a walk with them in one of the parks close by. It was a beautiful, sunny day, not too cold, and the dogs were enjoying the walk. The girl and I chatted for a few hours and it was really nice! We also talked about starting jogging together, so I’m going downtown this week to buy some running shoes. I can’t wait to start excercising properly again!
Today I’m meeting another dog owner who is interested in hiring me as their dog sitter for a couple of weeks. Hopefully the meeting goes well and their dog will like me. ♡

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Busy days.

Sorry for not updating yesterday. D: I have a lot going on with packing and cleaning, so I need a few days in order to organize everything. But once that’s done, I’ll be sure to update frequently again. <3

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Saturday, cleaning day.

Rainy, rainy Saturday.
First of all, this is the soundtrack of the day, because it’s an amazing song and I can’t seem to stop listening to it. I need this soundtrack in my life. ♡

Somewhat hectic Saturday for me – I have a lot of cleaning to do, and a lot of packing left.
Monday’s officially my last day at work before I take paid leave until March 31. I was going to bake cookies or make cheesecake for work, but due to not having a lot of time on my hands before my move I’ll buy the ‘fika‘ that I’ll take with me as a parting gift. It really does feel strange, to think that the first day of next week is the last time that I’ll see my boss and my colleagues, the last time I’ll be going to ‘Miggan’. I got an email at work saying that my boss has ordered ‘snittar‘ for the department meeting on Monday morning. It’s a common practice when there’s something to celebrate, or when someone’s leaving.

As I read it, I felt a sting of sadness. Not saying that I’m not excited about moving, living with J and working in the U.K., but for the past year the Swedish Migration Agency, Region Syd, has been a huge part of my life – in a way, I was married to my job. I went to work really early in the mornings, and went home somewhat late. I would work on Saturdays. I felt that my job was everything to me and quite frankly I worked my behind off to get an extended contract and to secure my economy.

Then I went to Wales, and I realized that the love that I felt for my job was partly a veil for several years of having feelings for J but not being able to act on them – and to my surprise, not being able to get over them, even though I had dated other people and I repeatedly kept telling myself that I was happy.
It’s scary to live and work in another country, but I think that everything will turn out alright. Whatever is meant to happen will happen.

After cleaning for a few hours, I decided to go out and do a little bit of shopping.
It was raining and the wind was cold. I went to Shock and asked them about their makeup products from Manic Panic, because I’m not too pleased with the current powder foundation that I’m using. They asked me to go to another shop in order to find a powder that suits my pale skin better and boy, am I glad that I braved the weather and went there!

The loot that I came home with ♡

The eyebrow pencil, pair of scissors and the kohl pencil are from Inglot, which happens to be one of my favourite makeup brands because it’s cruelty free and the products are decently priced. I was sceptical to trying m.a.c’s products because I’ve had some bad experience with it, but after some professional advice and trying them on I decided to give them another go. It has now been several hours, and I’m pleased to say that the makeup has surprised me in the best way possible! Even though I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning and packing, the makeup has barely disappeared from my face (ah, the curse of having an oily T-zone) and I haven’t had to do any touch-ups, nor have I had to use the setting spray again.
The best part? Getting a 10% discount on my entire purchase!

Best I get cracking with stuff – I’ve got a guy popping over in an hour to pick up my shoe rack. Yay for getting rid of furniture!

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Premiere: Beauty and The Beast (2017).

Movie premiere night!
Tonight I watched ‘Beauty and the Beast’ at Royal. My movie started at 17:00, and my best friend Mariam went to the premiere in Visby, Gotland, at 18:00. We haven’t caught up chatting about it yet, because she’s still watching it as I’m writing this entry.

So, before I start doing my usual rambling, please know that I haven’t had any alcohol. I don’t drink. I might have had way too much chocolate for my own good though, but that’s not the point. The point is that I’m going to write one of my shameless and absolutely rambly entries, something that I’m known for among my family and friends (not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing).

Ahem. To spare those that don’t want to read about how Gaston (Luke Evans) awakened my inner fangirl, how the Beast’s solo made me burst into tears, how I got a girl crush on Belle and so on, all you need to know is that the movie is absolutely brilliant. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much. But the movie delivered and so much more and it made me experience such intense emotions all at the same time. In fact, I called J right after the movie had ended as I was going home and started fangirling about it, when in reality I just wanted to tell him how much I love him and how I need to go and hug him, but damnit, Malmö is far away from Liverpool. However, I decided to calm myself down (or maybe it was because my face was freezing because of the wind) and such comments will have to wait for later.

Click on ‘Continue reading’ to if you want to read my very fangirly review. ❤
Please note: I use strong language in this entry… and I try not to write any spoilers!

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Ghost member revealed: Omega’s true identity.

So, I seem to have totally missed this when it hit the news, but I finally found out about it.
A little while ago it was revealed that one of Ghost’s members, Omega, has made a video where he tells the world who he is, that he is no longer part of Ghost, and that the old band, Magna Carta Cartel (MCC), from which Ghost then later rose is active once again.
Wow. I don’t know how to process this information. I’ve been reading articles which state that the only original member left in Ghost is Papa. Really, though? I know they are out touring soon (I wish I could see them in Manchester after I’ve moved, but don’t really fancy going to the area were the venue is) but to me, it feels odd if all the original members but one have departed from the band.

Ghost comes from Linköping, which happens to be my hometown. I’ve had the priviledge of taking photos of them at two different occasions, once at the nightclub DOOM in Linköping where Papa Emeritus II handed the role as the lead singer over to Papa Emeritus III, and one time in Gothenburg at Lisebergshallen.

Here’s some of the photos from Gothenburg. Some of these were published in several news articles in a local newspaper (Linköping). For more photos (and more high quality ones), please head over to my special Flickr gallery dedicated to this particular concert. ❤ There are also some photos from DOOM if you scroll down on this page. I really do love the fact that I managed to get eye contact with Papa (and he was also caressing my lens at one point, but sadly I couldn’t get a very clear photo of it)!

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Continuing with the cat theme!
This blog is called purrfect photo, after all. I found some photos that I took of my friend’s cat named Selma a few years ago when she was a kitten. The photo on the top of the entry won a competition on Facebook, and was shown on national TV during prime television time!

If I was editing these photos today I would do the post-processing a bit differently, but I’m still quite pleased with them!

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Memories from a Swedish dog park.

Good evening! More photos from a couple of years ago.
The first photo, which is of a shar pei mixed breed, is my dog Metalica who is currently staying with my Mum in Linköping. We had a few good experiences in the dog park, but some dog owners were irresponsible and let their pets bully others, especially if their own dog wasn’t fixed. I decided to stop taking her to the fully fenced parks after an American Akita tried to spray her at one point to show his dominance and a young but much larger male dog wouldn’t leave Metalica alone and I had to go between them (Metalica’s fixed) due to the other owner just sitting there. Ugh, people need to be kind to their dogs, but also show some leadership.

The dog below is Amber, she belongs to a friend of mine. Both Amber and Metalica were adopted from Spain, but different shelters. I believe that she’s a mixed breed of podenco.

I’m absolutely in love with the post-processing of these photos. ♡ Seeing these really makes me want to take my camera with me to the closest park in Liverpool and take photos of dogs!

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While going through my archive of photos from 2013 up to this point, I found some old portraits of Roxie, who belongs to my former boss. She wanted some photos of Roxie (at that time she was a young cat) and I needed a long-haired feline for my portfolio, so it was perfect timing. ♡ These are some of my favourite pics.

These photos were taken on location, next to a balcony to create a nice flow of natural light. Very little post-processing was done before the photos were delivered to my boss. It wasn’t an easy task to take pictures of a young and energetic maine coon, but I think that with my boss assisting by getting Roxie’s attention I managed to capture some sweet shots.

Going through all these pet photographs, I really want to get working with pet portraits again as soon as I’ve settled in Liverpool. ♡

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Concert photography – Depeche Mode, Gothenburg 2013

I haven’t been doing as much packing as I should have.
I blame me having a cold on that, as well as getting distracted – I found an old external harddrive, full of photos that I took some years ago. ♡
My friend Eva and I went to Gothenburg in 2013 and I was assigned to shoot some photos of Depeche Mode. Due to not being bound by a restrictive photo contract, I could freely use my photos in my own portfolio. Back in the day I was using a Canon EOS 7D, which I thought was great for concert photography, but not so great when it came to the ISO setting. I edited the pics as soon as I got back to Linköping. However, I didn’t think that I actually had the RAW files still, until I found them today. I decided to re-edit the pics, making most of them in b/w because I love black and white photography (that and the lighting was tricky, so making it all b/w makes it easier, haha).

Please note: this post is super image heavy!

Click on ‘Continue reading’ to see all of the photos. ❤

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The breakfast food I’ll be missing the most.

Well, I’m home from work today.
And it’s making me restless, bored out of my mind, etc. Many feels, such little productivity. Also, losing money due to being ill is not optimal at a time when I’m moving between countries. I’m not looking forward to seeing what my paychecks for March and April will look like, seeing how I’ve been ill quite a lot during the winter months. I don’t tend to be ill a lot, but this time around it’s been different. Hopefully this won’t affect the review that my boss is writing for me before I leave. Angst. Errm, I’m cool about all of this.

As I was making breakfast today, I realized that I’m going to be missing two of my favourite breakfast food, because they’re typically Swedish and I can’t seem to be able to find them anywhere in the U.K. Sorry, don’t have a money tree growing at home, so I’m not really going to buy Swedish style bread from a Swedish online shop for the ridicilous amount of 40+ SEK when I can find the same thing at ICA for 16 SEK up to 24 SEK. I’m aware of the fact about being a reseller and making money off of items (I used to run a clothing store online, so I know what it’s all about) – still doesn’t change my point of view.

Honestly, I love almost everything that Paulúns has ever made.
Okay, maybe not their blueberry porridge because it really didn’t agree with my tastebuds. But this one to the right on the photo, that one’s brilliant. It keeps me full for a long time, almost doesn’t taste anything of sugar (because they haven’t added any other than the natural sugar that’s already in the stuff that they’ve used to create the mix), and it’s gluten free. Like, hello, jackpot! Been trying to find a reseller and I got the number to a woman who apparently sells it in the U.K. But yeah, not going to be calling a Swedish cellphone number, from a U.K. number while I’m in the U.K., just to buy some cereal. It’s too much effort and I like putting a lot of effort into my work, but not my food. #lazygal

As for the picture to the left, that’s Swedish knäckebröd. Mmm, how I love knäckebröd. It’s healthier than soft bread and keeps me full for longer. I’m sure there’s some equivalent to it in the U.K. We have many variations of knäckebröd in Sweden and I enjoy trying new things every now and then, just to feel that I’m not eating the same thing for breakfast. Also, Wasa is like, the best manufacturer of knäckebröd. For real. Swedish knäckebröd FTW.

I’m trying to keep my spirits up by listening to music on YouTube. The soundtrack at the moment is SHINee with this song, because it makes me happy and it’s from one of my favourite K-dramas, ‘Boys Over Flowers’. I feel that it’s time for one more cup of tea!

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