Never knew it could be this cold in the U.K.

A very late happy new year and welcome to 2018!
Honestly, it’s too windy and cold where I’m located in the U.K. and it’s not very pleasant! I very much prefer the cold and snow of Sweden over this.

I’ve been very busy over the past few months, so obviously my blog became a bit… neglected. Not something that I had planned, but it just happened. I’ve been traveling, working, not being happy in work, and just trying to figure out what to do with my time. So, there are some exciting news.

I’ll be attending a workshop in September with one of my favourite photographers. Exciting!
I’ll be shooting a gig in Manchester soon, so keep an eye on this page and my Instagram.
As of February 2018 I’m focusing on my photography and setting up my Etsy shop unless some super exciting opportunity comes along.
I have several exciting photo sessions planned.

So, things are looking good for 2018! From February I’ll be available for bookings again.
Here are some photos from my newly created Instagram account:

Right. I’m going to have lunch now while studying some HTML and after that I’ll be going through my old photo archives. Wishing you all a lovely day and an amazing weekend!

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Long time no see!

Long time no see, dear readers!
It’s been a few eventful months. To cut a long story short, I started working for a real estate company, but due to personal circumstances I quit my job. I’ve been much more relaxed since I did this and I’ve been able to visit my family back home in Sweden.
My personal economy is nowhere near what I used to have back home and especially in Malmö, but at least I’m happy with my life – money isn’t everything, after all!

One thing that I miss (besides my family and my baby girl Metalica, of course) is friends. I miss being able to walk out of the door, and meet up with them. I know one person in Liverpool and that’s about it. We never seem to be able to catch up, and now it has been months since last time we went out for a walk in the park. I kind of feel that I’m sometimes cooped up at home, not having much to do other than sitting in front of the PC.
Then again, this gives me plenty of time to start writing again, and setting up my tribe in ARK: Survival Evolved, haha! We’re 6 people at the moment, and looking to expand once I get my Twitch stream going on a regular basis.

Right, time for some lunch I think. Until next time!

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More photos from a sunny Sefton Park.

Good evening!
Today I visited the girl who I met a few weeks ago. We had some tea/coffee and biscuits, chatted about dogs and other things and discussed tomorrow when I’ll be taking care of one of her super cute dogs while they’re away. It was so nice of her to give me a car ride downtown later on so that I wouldn’t have to take the bus! I always enjoy chatting with her and spending time with her and her dogs and I’m super excited about having her dog Roxio over at our place. ♡
I’ve possibly got a couple more pet sitting bookings coming up, which I’m excited about. I’m meeting one of the clients next week, it’ll be interesting!

While downtown, there was much shopping which had to be done.
Basically, we needed a lot of new items for the kitchen, such as cutting boards and a bread basket. Since J went to work today I decided to try to buy as many of the items as possible so that he wouldn’t have to worry about getting all of that shopping done during the weekend when (in my opinion) he should be resting. ♡
I’m quite pleased with everything that I bought today – now we just need to find a nice looking dish rack and then we’ve got most of the new stuff for the kitchen covered.

As promised, here are some more photos from our walk in the park yesterday!

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Squirrels in Sefton Park.

Good evening from the U.K.!
J and I made American blueberry pancakes tonight, they were delicious. We ate them while watching ‘Modern Family’ on SKY and it was really nice to de-stress in front of the TV while being in eachother’s company.

I’ve been feeling restless most of the day and J was feeling a tiny bit better from his flu in the afternoon, so we decided to get some fresh air. This time I took my 70-200 mm f/2,8 lens with me. J was amazing in finding interesting things to take photos of, and even helping me bribe squirrels to get really close to us! ♡

At one point he was trying to herd some squirrels to get closer as I was hiding with my camera behind some bushes. For next time, we’ll be taking peanuts with us to give to the cute and fluffly little things!

I really want to get a better 70-200 lens, preferably with some image stabilisation on it because the lens is super heavy and it’s very difficult to keep my hands from shaking while trying to focus on a small animal such as a squirrel.

For tomorrow’s blog entry I have some photos of birds to show from our walk in the park.

But for now, it’s time for a shower before bed, and maybe a bit of shopping on Etsy/eBay – I’m ordering some items that will allow me to be creative in the shape of fake nail sets. I’ll talk more about this when I’m not so sleepy. Nighty night!

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A sunny day in Sefton Park.

Yesterday we had a beautiful, sunny day
here in Liverpool and I decided to take advantage of the warmth. In fact, it was such nice weather that I could actually wear my tights and shorts instead of my jeans! I loved it.
There were many people out in the park, and lots of cute dogs. I saw many (gray) squirrels, but sadly I didn’t take my 70-200 mm lens with me, and thus I couldn’t get any close-up shots of them. One of the squirrels was super curious and was waiting for me to feed it, so I’m thinking that I’ll bribe them with tasty treats next time I go to the park again.

Today I was reached by the news that at 05:28 in the morning, local Swedish time, my best friend Mariam and and her husband Wiggo became parents to my godson Emric! ♡ I’ve seen some photos of him and he’s absolutely adorable. ♡ I’ve bought sooo many clothes for him that I’m shipping to their home on Gotland.

I’ve spent most of today cleaning in the kitchen and taking care of J, as he’s having the flu. Poor guy. ♡

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In Liverpool!

Good morning!
I still haven’t quite gotten used to the one hour time zone difference between Sweden and England, haha. It’s taking time to adjust to everything – it all feels very new to me. It’s like I’m taking baby steps when it comes to the easiest tasks such as paying for stuff in the shops, but I’m sure it’ll change soon. I’m too used to the Swedish language and talking like one does in Sweden (which means everything has to be ‘lagom’).

J came over to Malmö on Friday last week and helped me do the last bit of packing. With ‘last bit’ what I really mean is putting my entire life in 3 suitcases and 1 specially designed cardboard box with an attached plastic blue IKEA bag as handles in order to be able to put my PC case on hold at the airport on Saturday. Also, I’ve never seen anyone pack bags and suitcases like J does! I was very impressed. ♡

We celebrated my move with tasty food and champagne on the 25th and watched some episodes of ‘Modern Family’ on SKY. On Sunday we did some shopping in Liverpool and I bought some stuff from The Body Shop, and two pairs of jeans from NEXT. Sadly, the jeans didn’t fit too well (I tried on the regular fit, then switched to the petite ones which I assumed had the same size around the waist even though the legs were shorter) so I’ll go and exchange the grey pair as soon as possible – can’t change the black one as I already used it. I’m considering sending it to my Mum so that they get used instead of collecting dust. ♡

During the weekend we had some really amazing weather! The sun was out and we could wear our new Spring jackets. J was rocking his sunglasses. ♡ I do regret that I didn’t take my camera out, but in all honesty I was too exhausted from 2 weeks of cleaning and throwing things out back in Malmö, then 2 days of almost non-stop cleaning before my landlord came over for an inspection and then emptying the apartment and yet another inspection on the 25th a few hours before our flight.

Yesterday I had a meeting with a girl who has two Staffordshire bullterriers that she needs a dog sitter for in about two weeks. We agreed that if all goes as planned I’ll be looking after one of the dogs, and we went out for a walk with them in one of the parks close by. It was a beautiful, sunny day, not too cold, and the dogs were enjoying the walk. The girl and I chatted for a few hours and it was really nice! We also talked about starting jogging together, so I’m going downtown this week to buy some running shoes. I can’t wait to start excercising properly again!
Today I’m meeting another dog owner who is interested in hiring me as their dog sitter for a couple of weeks. Hopefully the meeting goes well and their dog will like me. ♡

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Busy days.

Sorry for not updating yesterday. D: I have a lot going on with packing and cleaning, so I need a few days in order to organize everything. But once that’s done, I’ll be sure to update frequently again. <3

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